Partner With Us

Partner With Us

A core part of our business is to identify and thoroughly research markets, source sites, develop concepts and work closely with local authorities to obtain appropriate approvals.


Stateland welcomes the opportunity to partner with companies seeking approved sites in specific locations and also the opportunity of joint venture partnerships.


When partnering with us to acquire an approved site, Stateland manages the process of identifying the site, obtaining the approvals and then on-sells to the partner. The benefit of this approach is that the partner is not dedicating resources to procuring the site and obtaining the approvals, also that the partner is not carrying the asset on its balance sheet until the site is ready for development.


Joint venture partnerships with Stateland allows for the opportunity to join skill sets and optimise the development opportunity.


In the past Stateland has had a successful history when partnering and encourages it in the future – please contact us for further information.