A leading property development company based in Cairns and active throughout Queensland.

Stateland has successfully developed quality residential, resort-style accommodation, seniors living, commercial and industrial projects for over 25 years. We deliver well-designed, carefully considered and well-built projects from concept to completion. A high level of amenity is at the heart of what we do.

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What We Do


We actively engage in all aspects of the development process from the initial concept, detailed market research, project viability, strategic site acquisition, overseeing the design, planning, documentation, project management and construction through to marketing and project sales.

We assess and determine the most appropriate use for the land or existing property, liaising with consultants and local councils to approve and deliver the project.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to identify and harness opportunities in our selective market places.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Our development philosophy is simple and effective; to create built environments that maximise amenity and provide a rewarding experience for the end user.

Core Values

Stateland has a knowledgeable, responsible, well managed and sustainable approach to property development.

The hallmarks of Stateland are:

•   Integrity

•   Sustainability

•   Amenity

•   Attention to detail

•   Developments that enhance the end user experience

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